Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Wow 'Em With These Nifty Tricks

You can enhance your "Mailto:" tags to:

Note: Addresses used in the examples below are fictitious.


In this example, "APEX/EECN 9-5 Q22" will appear in the Subject of Netscape's E-mail form addressed to Milo Minderbinder.

<A HREF=" 9-5 Q22">Mail this!</A>

Multiple Addressees

In this example, we've put Milo's address inside of <> and added Dave's address, also in <>, separated by a comma:

<A HREF="mailto:<>,<>?subject=APEX/EECN 9-5 Q22">Mail this!</A>

Subject, Multiple cc:'s

In this example, "Mailto Procedures" will appear in the subject field. The multiple cc: addressees appear after the "?cc=" string inside of <> separated with commas. Note this neat feature; where the name of the addressee is obscure as in Fred Flintstone's case, a plain text string that looks like his name can be inserted in front of the <> containing his e-mail address for clarity. This works for the "To" field (the main addressee field) as well.

Note: I placed a space before "FredFlintstone" to make the string wrap in the browser. It does not belong there in the HTML code.

<A HREF="<>, FredFlintstone<>&subject=1630 SX PAE Procedures">Mail this!</A>


Here is a summary of the "mailto" strings:

Note: I placed a space in the string to make it wrap in the browser. It does not belong there in the HTML code.

<A HREF="mailto:<name@where>,<name@where>?cc=<name@where>,<name@where>, <name@where>&subject=Subject Matter">



Thanks to Jerry Mulever and Alan Palmer of CompuServe's Internet Publishing forum (INETPUB) for cluing me in about mailto tricks in June 1997.

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