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  Photo Galleries below this point have been transferred to an archive site.  If anything about this seems troublesome, or if you find errors, please contact Dave!  
  Winter 2012 - 2013      
  Fall 2012      
  Summer 2012      
  Spring 2012      
  Winter 2011 - 2012      
  Fall 2011 Gallery      

  Summer 2011 Gallery      
  Spring 2011 Gallery      
  Winter 2010-2011 Gallery      
  Fall 2010 Gallery      

  Summer 2010 Gallery      
  Spring 2010 Gallery
It snowed on the first full day of Spring!  We caught some of the white stuff in the first shoot of the season.  What does it portend?  Let's hear it for Global Warming! 
  Winter 2009 - 2010 Gallery
What a chilly start to the Winter season!   A white Christmas, no less!  But it's warm inside and we did a lot of photo sessions, so stop by and take a look.
  Fall 2009 Gallery
Fall 2009 shooting is a wrap!  Stop by and see some great content.  Keep an eye out for Winter.  :o)
  Summer 2009 Gallery
Summer's gallery Kicks butt!  Way to go gals!!  This has been a blast for me.  And you have finally given me confidence to do some good work outside.
  Spring 2009 Gallery
Trees and lawns are green.  It feels as good as it looks.  See some springtime greenery  and crafty modeling work in gallery photos. 
  Winter 2008 - 2009 Gallery
We've done it!  We've wrapped up Winter 2008-2009 shooting.  How did we do?  In 24 photo sessions we did very well.  See what you think!
  Fall 2008 Gallery
Fall is history.  It's been prolific!  Great work everybody.  22 sessions.
  Summer 2008 Gallery
We had a great summer.   Drop by and see.  21 sessions.

Spring 2008 Gallery
It's spring, and our first shoot looks like the real thing.  At last, leaves on the trees, grass turning green...  A welcome sight.  25 sessions in all.

  Winter 2007- 2008 Gallery
Wrapping up another seasonal quarter that started off in the deep freeze.  One of our first shoots did swim suit and Santa just to keep us confused. We did 27 sessions this season! 
  Fall 2007 Gallery
Fall 2007 was a blast!  Some of out best stuff yet.  Come in and see.  Wow, the talent...!!!  23 sessions.
  Summer 2007 Gallery
Summer has seen lots of cancellations and reschedules.  There aren't as many photo sessions as in other quarters, but we've exchanged quantity for quality.  19 sessions.
  Spring 2007 Gallery
Wow, what a season of photo shoots!  More great accomplishments by experienced models and talented "natural" newcomers.  25 sessions.
  Winter 06-07 Gallery
This was a supercharged and productive seasonal quarter!  See young pageant talent through fitness and presentation models at their finest.  25 sessions.
  Fall 2006 Gallery
Texas talent continues to look better and better.  We kick off Fall with lovely repeat talent and wind up the seasonal quarter with a talented young lady on her second shoot.  27 sessions!
  Summer 2006 Gallery
See lovely and creative repeat and new talent from as far away as San Diego gracing Dave's lens.  31 photo sessions!
  Spring 2006 Gallery
Now flocking to Dave's place from all over Texas, lovely talent with a wide range of experience make the most of their TFP photo sessions.  16 sessions this season.
  Winter 05-06 Gallery
From Denton to Austin and all around the DFW area, aspiring and established talent flock to Dave's studio for TFP work.   20 sessions.

Fall 2005 Gallery
Talent from far and wide come to do TFP work with Dave to build their portfolios and get still camera experience.  23 sessions.

  Summer 2005 Gallery
North Texas talent work their magic as they direct their own photo shoots and create some stunning looks.   28 sessions.
  Spring 2005 Gallery
New Face and established artists and models pose for their still photography experience and portfolio building.  21 photo shoots this season.
  Winter 04-05 Gallery
Performing artists and models pose for Dave's and their own experience and portfolio building.
  Fall 2004 Gallery
Models and performing artists from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area show their expertise.
  Summer 2004 Gallery
Dedicated performing artists, print and runway models demonstrate their still camera skills for summer
  Spring 2004 Gallery
Up and coming and established performing artists and models raise the bar.
  Winter 03-04 Gallery
Professional models and entertainers direct their own photo sessions with extraordinary innovation.
  Model 2003 Gallery
Fall 2003 portraits of professional models and entertainers, beginning and experienced
  Summer 2003 Portraiture Gallery
Portraiture studies for Spring - Summer 2003 break between college semesters
  Independent Study Gallery
Portrait & model study for a Spring 2003 college photography course

Fall 2002 & Winter 02-03 Gallery
"Best Of" portrait & model images taken in pursuit of college photography courses.

  Intro Photography Gallery
Black & white photos of challenging subjects taken as part of college photography courses.
  Stock Photography Gallery
Stock Photos of Dallas White Rock Lake and Garland, Texas sites
  Recreational Gallery
Our favorite photos of non-commercial subjects demonstrating some digital processing techniques

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